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AN unwanted visitor (front only) (ghost)


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Paramedic Matt Steele saw more than his share of action as a corpsman in the Marines and welcomes the quieter life of the small town he grew up in. When he’s not working his day job he’s helping on the family ranch or singing at the local bar, the Moosejaw Saloon. That is until hurricane Isabella blows back into town. As his best friend’s little sister, she was supposed to be off limits. But a bar fight and memories of a by-gone summer set their world on different course.


Isabella Talbot came home for peace and healing after she almost died in a car wreck that took the life of her soon to be ex husband. The last thing she needed was a bar fight with her older brother and his girlfriend, her nemesis…especially when it lands her on the front page of the local paper. The same one she works for as a reporter.


Now the editor, her boss, refuses to print a retraction and warns her to lay off the story about the three missing girls she’s been secretly investigating or she’ll regret it. But he’s not her only problem. Someone who thinks Isabella is responsible for the wreck that killed her soon-to-be ex.


But she’s not the only one with a target on their back. Someone from Matt’s old unit wants revenge on the men who put him away and now he’s escaped from prison and out for vengeance.


The residents of Whiskey Bend Texas have plenty of dark secrets and more than their share of stalkers.

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