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New Release * April 18th, 2023

After recovering from the fallout of their last adventure, Makayla and Hunter are desperate for some sense of normalcy. Makayla is equally eager and anxious to return to work when a string of car thefts strikes just as several teams of street racers converge on their town. It gives her just the focus she needs.
Hunter might’ve saved Makayla, but their relationship is far from healed. His entire focus is on fixing what’s broken, and a distraction is the last thing he needs when his estranged mother reappears in his life, as the co-owner of one of the racing teams.
At first, the long-awaited reunion seems amicable, but Cynthia Glenn has plans for her son and his business. Despite warnings from his father, John, and 25 years of silence, Cynthia weaves herself into Hunter’s life, making it clear she wants her son on her team and tempting him with an offer to be her first-choice driver… if he’ll ditch his girlfriend.
Despite her attempts to appease the woman, Makayla’s suspicious of the timing of Cynthia’s sudden reappearance, and the feeling only grows until, one afternoon, they find blood stains in Hunter’s father’s apartment and truck but no sign of the man himself—and she can’t reach Hunter. Now Hunter and John are missing.
Hell-bent on rescuing the man she loves and his father, the only lead Makayla is interested in running down is Cynthia. She’ll risk another suspension, her promotion, her badge—her life—to rescue the two men, and she’ll make sure Cynthia pays.

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