Do you know this woman? Drake Holden’s heart leapt into his throat when he read the headline in the local paper. Below it was a photo of a woman who could’ve been his wife’s twin. But she was an only child and she’d died almost two years ago, or had she? Jane Doe had been comatose for three months in an Austin hospital following a car wreck. She was a favorite of the staff on the fourth floor, but Nurse Shannon Skerritt was concerned for the young woman’s safety after the patient’s photo had appeared in the paper. Now the unknown woman had two visitors. One claiming he thought she was his wife and one claiming it was his sister. But which one of them was lying? Connie was set to announce her engagement to Drake Holden and the merger of the two families’ companies. He was finally going to be hers. Her father promised. But Alyson survived the fire and now she’s back and Connie will have to do something drastic to get what she wants, even if it means killing the one person in her way…once and for all.


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Tampered Memories: Return to Spirit Falls

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