When Gwen and Callie disappear from a local spa, Gwen’s husband Detective Dean Colton enlists the help of his partners Tom Wolfe and Jack Remington to search for the two women. During their investigation, they learn a shocking truth about Dean’s wife and her friend…they’re fraternal twins, separated at birth.
And the kidnapper is closer to them than imagined and wants something they know nothing about, an inheritance left to them by their real mother who gave them up for adoption knowing she couldn’t care for them the way they deserved. Unbeknownst to their mother, her own sister, the girl’s aunt, sold them to different families to line her own pockets.
Gwen’s son Jay figures out the connection and wants to be the bait to draw out the kidnapper. With no other option, Dean agrees. But what they don’t know is the kidnapper wants more than just the inheritance.
The kidnapper wants them all dead.


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Sold at Birth

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