Work and law school are the only things on Ella Weaver’s mind these days. When she’s not in class or studying, she takes down those who skip their court date. Ella is a successful bounty hunter who works for the family’s business, Royal Court Bail Bonds.
She’s tough and fearless with a spotless record for takedowns and bounties brought in…that is until a series of mishaps leads her to him.
Jasper Morton worked a job at the local college when he’s mistaken for an FTA by a trainee from Royal Court Bail Bonds. Normally, he would be pissed at the mistake, but the gorgeous brunette who intervenes, has him thinking all kinds of inappropriate ideas about the curvy Princess Hunter.
It becomes a cat and mouse game between them, starting with a quick tryst in a library closet, then a hot weekend which ends with an impressive rescue of his friend. Late-night visits, hot kisses, and passion leave both wanting more of each other. But they’re just having fun.
Or are they?
Meanwhile, Nolan Brantley returns to the small town of King’s Gambit, Arkansas, aiming for justice against the man who killed his father in a late-night robbery. He’s working as a bounty hunter as cover when the mark’s son drops right into his lap and into the crosshairs of his biggest rival, the boss’s daughter.
They both want the man; she wants him in her bed, he wants him to pay for the sins of his father.


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Princess Hunter: A Princess Hunter Novel Book 1

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