Jasper Morton can't believe it when the woman he thought was being held captive with his sister, walks into the jewelry store he's casing. He wasn't a thief but doing this job was the only way to save the two women he loved.
He soon realizes there is more to the kidnapper's demands than just rescuing his sister. The kidnapper has another agenda, he wants to destroy Jasper Morton Jr. for something Jasper's father did and is using Ella as a means to control him.
Ella Weaver struggles with seeing Jasper again after he blew her off. That is until he rescues her from the hospital. Resuming their relationship seems to be the right thing until it goes south…again. Now she's torn between wanting to help the man who holds her heart and keeping her job.
With Jasper on the run trying to stay off a rogue bounty hunter's radar, and away from the owner of the jewels he stole, Ella enlists help from her brothers as she tries to save Jasper's sister before the bad guy ends them all.
As a new attorney, can Ella save him from a fate similar to his father's?


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Escaping Vengeance: A Princess Hunter Book 2

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