Kyle Walker had his hands full being Sheriff of Whiskey Bend, Texas. Between the drag racing teens and self-important citizens, the small town keeps him hopping. His life is full except for the one person he longs for, Jaz, who moved away years before after a misunderstanding. He still hasn’t forgotten her.

Jasmine VanZandt left Whiskey Bend years before when she thought Kyle cheated on her with the one girl she hated most, resulting in pregnancy. She knew he’d “do the right thing”, and she couldn’t stay to watch him marry someone else. It would’ve destroyed her.

Eight years later, she decides to return, only to have her world turned upside down and inside out before she can get back. Her parents are killed in a car wreck, which appears remarkably similar to one that occurred twenty-seven years before. But this time, the evidence obviously points to murder. Could the wreck that happened years before have been foul play as well?

When they discover Jaz is being followed, both realize they must face their past before they can make a future together.

Small towns are notorious for secrets, but Whiskey Bend has some killer ones!


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Dark Stalker (The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Book 1)

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