Family meant everything to Ayla Prescott until her baby sister Rochelle replaces her as the bride at her own wedding. Add insult to injury, Ayla’s coerced by her overbearing mother into filling in as a bride’s maid at said wedding.
During Ro’s bachelorette party, Ayla finds an instant attraction to none other than one of the male strippers. Unfortunately, so does her little sister, who has selected the hot stripper for one last fling before her wedding.
When the stripper denies Ro, and she then sees him leaving with Ayla, all bets are off. Ro’s devious nature sets a plan in motion to cause what could seriously harm her sister.
Parker Vanderbilt lives a charmed life. But he has an unusual and potentially embarrassing secret that only his immediate family knows. He stands to lose his anonymity when he stumbles into the Prescott sisters’ atmosphere.
One he can’t seem to resist, the other he can’t seem to repel.
And someone could lose their life if he doesn’t act fast, exposing more of himself than intended.


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A Sweet Revenge

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