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Readers, start your engines...Get ready for Full Throttle.

Wow, we've made it to 2020 and it has already been one for the record books. A quarter way into the year and everything ground to a halt due to a pandemic. So many things have been cancelled, sporting events, school, proms and graduations, and conventions. We're told to stay six feet apart.

However, the year has not been all bad. My novel, Full Throttle, came out on March 29th and has been pretty good. I've also written for two independent anthologies. My story The Spirit in the Mask debuted in The Secret of the Jeweled Mask with five co-authors. Check out my New release pages for the link. I'm working on the story for the Court of Sin Anthology titled Princess Hunter, hopefully will be out later this summer.

I'm in the process of fleshing out the stories previously released in Malice anthologies for new releases. First up, An Elmwood Misadventure. Follow Gwen Colton, her son and his friend, as the trio try to escape from a killer in the historical Elmwood Cemetery. Can her husband Dean and his partner get to them or will they become permanent residents of them.

After surviving their harrowing field trip to a local historical cemetery, Dean takes Gwen for a romantic weekend at a cabin at a local state park, but their fun is cut short when two escaped convicts break into her car and steal a gun. One never leaves witnesses shoots Dean as the couple escape into the woods. She knows her husband is in danger of blood loss and hyperthermia but will they be rescued in time.

You can find the short story, An Unwanted Visitor, formerly titled A Dance with the Devil from the Malice anthology Ghost stories, on Amazon or check out the home page of my website for the link. Also coming later this year a revised Mutiny on Mud Island.

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