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2018 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Writing Competition

Compelling Openings

The mission of Malice in Memphis mystery writers group is to establish an environment where seasoned and aspiring writers are exposed to a variety of different experiences that help them accomplish their dreams of becoming published writers.

In order to get to that point, learning the craft of writing is critical. The current climate of the publication industry is that people no longer take the time or have the inclination to develop authors in the way it was done say 50 years ago.

Now to gain the attention of editors, publishers, agents and readers, writers must gain their attention immediately. The market is flooded with books, the choices are endless. Our writing must establish to the reader, from the beginning:

“Why should I keep reading?”

Your opening should answer this question and convince someone to read your book.

The winner(s) of the Compelling Openings contest will answer this question. We are looking for the writer who can best answer the question:

“Why should I keep reading?”

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