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Novels Not Safe for Work


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A Sweet Revenge

Family meant everything to Ayla Prescott until her baby sister Rochelle replaces her as the bride at her own wedding. Add insult to injury, Ayla’s coerced by her overbearing mother into filling in as a bride’s maid at said wedding.
During Ro’s bachelorette party, Ayla finds an instant attraction to none other than one of the male strippers. Unfortunately, so does her little sister, who has selected the hot stripper for one last fling before her wedding.
When the stripper denies Ro, and she then sees him leaving with Ayla, all bets are off. Ro’s devious nature sets a plan in motion to cause what could seriously harm her sister.
Parker Vanderbilt lives a charmed life. But he has an unusual and potentially embarrassing secret that only his immediate family knows. He stands to lose his anonymity when he stumbles into the Prescott sisters’ atmosphere.
One he can’t seem to resist, the other he can’t seem to repel.
And someone could lose their life if he doesn’t act fast, exposing more of himself than intended.


Tampered Memories: Return to Spirit Falls 

Do you know this woman? Drake Holden’s heart leapt into his throat when he read the headline in the local paper. Below it was a photo of a woman who could’ve been his wife’s twin. But she was an only child and she’d died almost two years ago, or had she? Jane Doe had been comatose for three months in an Austin hospital following a car wreck. She was a favorite of the staff on the fourth floor, but Nurse Shannon Skerritt was concerned for the young woman’s safety after the patient’s photo had appeared in the paper. Now the unknown woman had two visitors. One claiming he thought she was his wife and one claiming it was his sister. But which one of them was lying? Connie was set to announce her engagement to Drake Holden and the merger of the two families’ companies. He was finally going to be hers. Her father promised. But Alyson survived the fire and now she’s back and Connie will have to do something drastic to get what she wants, even if it means killing the one person in her way…once and for all.


Princess Hunter

Work and law school are the only things on Ella Weaver’s mind these days. When she’s not in class or studying, she takes down those who skip their court date. Ella is a successful bounty hunter who works for the family’s business, Royal Court Bail Bonds.
She’s tough and fearless with a spotless record for takedowns and bounties brought in…that is until a series of mishaps leads her to him.
Jasper Morton worked a job at the local college when he’s mistaken for an FTA by a trainee from Royal Court Bail Bonds. Normally, he would be pissed at the mistake, but the gorgeous brunette who intervenes, has him thinking all kinds of inappropriate ideas about the curvy Princess Hunter.
It becomes a cat and mouse game between them, starting with a quick tryst in a library closet, then a hot weekend which ends with an impressive rescue of his friend. Late-night visits, hot kisses, and passion leave both wanting more of each other. But they’re just having fun.
Or are they?
Meanwhile, Nolan Brantley returns to the small town of King’s Gambit, Arkansas, aiming for justice against the man who killed his father in a late-night robbery. He’s working as a bounty hunter as cover when the mark’s son drops right into his lap and into the crosshairs of his biggest rival, the boss’s daughter.
They both want the man; she wants him in her bed, he wants him to pay for the sins of his father.


Escaping Vengeance: A Princess Hunter Novel

Jasper Morton can't believe it when the woman he thought was being held captive with his sister, walks into the jewelry store he's casing. He wasn't a thief but doing this job was the only way to save the two women he loved.
He soon realizes there is more to the kidnapper's demands than just rescuing his sister. The kidnapper has another agenda, he wants to destroy Jasper Morton Jr. for something Jasper's father did and is using Ella as a means to control him.
Ella Weaver struggles with seeing Jasper again after he blew her off. That is until he rescues her from the hospital. Resuming their relationship seems to be the right thing until it goes south…again. Now she's torn between wanting to help the man who holds her heart and keeping her job.
With Jasper on the run trying to stay off a rogue bounty hunter's radar, and away from the owner of the jewels he stole, Ella enlists help from her brothers as she tries to save Jasper's sister before the bad guy ends them all.
As a new attorney, can Ella save him from a fate similar to his father's?


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