Welcome to the world of Malice in Memphis Anthologies. We have stories set in various locales around Memphis and the Mid-South. Come join us for tales of murder, hauntings and the likes as our members weave stories of intrigue for your enjoyment.

Malice in Memphis: MAYHEM IN MEMPHIS
Finally the book we've all been waiting for..... Mayhem in Memphis.
The writers of Malice in Memphis understand that any time you get a big group of people together to go hog wild, there's a perfect opportunity for crime. Each of the tales inside deals with murder or theft or some other action, polite--and not so polite--that society frowns on.
Needless to say, the stories are fiction, and so are all the characters, but the settings are quite real.
This is the fourth Malice in Memphis anthology of crime-ridden short stories set around the Memphis Bluff.
Read all of them, why don't you?
You'll have a blast.
ISBN 13: 978-1-941754-96-2
The amazing storytellers of Malice in Memphis specialize in taking historical locations and fictionally embellishing them with new characters, mysteries, and murder. They have now taken on Memphis' finest and oldest active burial ground, the famous Elmwood Cemetery.

Founded in 1852, it is the final resting place of over 75,000 residents. From the common to the infamous, from the powerful to the famous, they are all here. The tapestry of life and death in the Mid-South is laid out in a beautiful garden cemetery with sweeping vistas, massive ancient trees, and spectacular monuments from the Victorian age to modern sculptures.

Malice in Memphis is now adding their special touch to the myriad of stories drifting among the mausoleums.

Malice in Memphis: Ghost Stories

ISBN-13 : 978-1-941754-78-8


The ghost stories and the characters in this book are pure fiction, even if the locations in which they are set are not. The tales, written by members of  Malice in Memphis, showcase some of the Mid-South's more interesting historical locations.

The geographical locations include the Mississippi River and the areas across from Memphis, as well as several of the villages and farms that survived the onslaught of Union soldiers. They've included graveyards and battlefields, some Memphis landmarks that survive and some that don't.Memphis has been touched by wars, the Yellow Fever epidemics, the flu epidemic, floods, tornadoes, murders and other hateful occurrences. Plenty of misery for the ghosts to feed upon. Many interesting locations to attach themselves to. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we hope that you'll enjoy these eerie stories of southern supernatural doings.

MALICE IN MEMHIS: Bluff City Mysteries

ISBN-13: 978-1-941754-24-5


All the stories in Malice In Memphis: Bluff City Mysteries are pure fiction, even if the locations in which they take place aren’t. Our mystery writers group, Malice in Memphis, is always looking for interesting local landmarks to use as settings for great mysteries. The characters who inhabit these places in our stories are also fictional, as are the things they do, both good and bad.
Mystery writers walk into a room for the first time and consider where we could most efficiently kill somebody in an interesting way. We discuss untraceable poisons in restaurants—and terrify the poor people who wait on us. We wonder whether the beam that runs 
across the ceiling in church would hold up a hanging corpse and how long a dagger would have to be to puncture a heart.
We are essentially peaceful. We can always bump off unpleasant people in our writing. No reason to do it in actuality. 
So don’t blame the blameless landmarks we’ve used. 
Remember, it’s all fiction...


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